Anna frá Hamarsey - IS2009282315

Colour: Red bay
BLUP: 119


Horse Pedigree:
Father: Aron frá Strandarhöfði (,
FF: Óður frá Brún (,
FM: Yrsa frá Skjálg (

Mother: Álaborg frá Feti (
MF: Orri frá Þúfu (,
MM: Ísafold frá Sigríðarstöðum (
Furry, young Anna

Anna is a charming mare born in 2009, that looks much like her mother Álaborg frá Feti. She has a unique pedigree, being the daughter of our 1. prized breeding mare that came third at Landsmót in 2004 (who is after the legendary Orri frá Þúfu), and her father is the famous stallion and stock-improver on Iceland, Aron frá Strandarhöfði.

Anna lives in Austria with her owner Sandra, who is training her. Anna is an easy learner and loves "doing things right", so she is very positive to work with. She has shown nice gallop, trot and tölt already, and time will tell if she has some great pace in store as well ;0) We wish her and Sandra the best of luck, and look forward to seeing them in the competition ring!


Mother Álaborg at Landsmót
Anna is developing nicely (picture is borrowed from
Lovely Anna
Father Aron - what a horse!
Anna happy in Austria
Anna posing as Santa, here with proud owner Sandra
Anna is a stunning beauty like her mother, Álaborg