Assessed horses from our breeding

We have two rising stars at the moment, Hervör frá Hamarsey (tot. 8.55) and Viljar fra Kval (tot. 8.29). To read more about them click on the pictures below. 

We are also proud to have bred the 1.prized and truly talented horses featured below (from our time at Hamarsey with Hannes and Inga)! We wish them and their current owners the best of luck!

Heikir frá Hamarsey - IS2010182311
M: Hrund frá Árbæ (tot. 8.02)
F: Álfur frá Selfossi (tot. 8.46)

Conformation: 8.53
Ridden Abilities: 8.79
Total: 8.68

BLUP: 124

Owned by: Stig Hardbo Jørgensen

Heikir received 8.5 for tölt, 9.5 (!) for pace and for willingness. Picture is borrowed from Hamarsey (

Sóldögg frá Hamarsey - IS2012282317
M: Selma frá Sauðárkróki (8.1)
F: Frakkur frá Langholti (tot. 8.68)

Conformation: 8.18
Ridden Abilities: 8.29
Total: 8.25

BLUP: 118

Owned by: Heiður Karlsdóttir

Talented Sóldögg showing her big movements (8.29 for ridden abilities). Picture is borrowed from Hamarsey (

Hervar frá Hamarsey - IS2009182311
M: Hrund frá Árbæ (tot. 8.02)
F: Aron frá Strandarhöfði (tot. 8.54)

Conformation: 8.15
Ridden Abilities: 8.09
Total: 8.12

BLUP: 112

Owned by: Helen Sandberg

Hervar - a stunning horse with great potential!
Sóllilja frá Hamarsey - IS2010282310
M: Selma frá Sauðárkróki (8.1)
F: Hákon frá Ragnheiðarstöðum (7.97)

Conformation: 8.41
Ridden Abilities: 8.61
Total: 8.53

BLUP: 118

Owned by: Hrossaræktarbúið Hamarsey
Sóllilja has both beauty and a unique riding capacity - scoring 9.5 (!) for tölt, trot, willingness and general impression/form! Picture is borrowed from Hamarsey (