Meet Alma fra SundsbergKval <3 <3

On thursday the 9th of June 2016 our self-bred mare, Alfa frá Hamarsey, gave birth to a beautiful little filly, named Alma fra SundsbergKval! Alma is chestnut with a star and a snip, and is after the talented four-gait, Gísli fra Lian who has scored 9 for tölt and 8.5 for trot, gallop, spirit and form under rider, and 8.42 for his lovely conformation. Mother Alfa is after our top breeding mare, Álaborg frá Feti and her father is Hróður frá Refsstöðum. Alma is as cute as a button, and Alfa is a proud first time mom! Alfa and Alma are happily living at Lian Horsefarm, Tynset, were they receive the best of care from Stein and Ingeborg. We can't wait to follow this little one :D <3 


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