Winter joy at SundsbergKval

Happy Alvör Happy Alvör

Our horses: breeding mares, youngsters and last year's foals, are enjoying life and all the snow at Sundsberg breeding farm in Sweden :D Isak and Gulliver (after Álfur frá Selfossi and Mozart från Sundsberg respectively) love playing and having fun - knowing that their mothers, Ísadóra and Gloría, are close by looking out for them ;) :) Young Arthur, after Álaborg frá Feti and Spuni frá Vesturkoti, has grown a lot and is a very handsome boy, same goes for his older sister Alvör who is a black beauty of soon three years <3 All of our three boys born in 2014 look promising, but are of course under growth and very furry at present :P Take a look at the pictures below, many thanks to Birgitta for capturing the beautiful winter moments at the breeding farm!


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