The Ísar-sons; Keilir and Kraflar!

On Wednesday the 7th of January our two Ísar sons, Keilir and Kraflar fra Kval, came "home" to Asker and Torstad Farm for a pit-stop (a short week) before going to Backome in Sweden for their further training. Stein Sorknes was kind enough to bring the boys from Lian Horsefarm (Tynset) where they grew up, to Oslo, together with Gisli fra Lian and some other competition horses that were travelling further to Denmark with Ingeborg Steinsdottir. So we (Per and Camilla) fetched Keilir and Kraflar at the docks in Oslo that afternoon. The brothers were both easy to load and were calm but curious when they arrived at Torstad farm in Asker. It was great to get to know them even better, and they are both such wonderful and kind-hearted stallions.

Keilir (soon 5 years) and Kraflar (soon 4 years) are full-brothers and the sons of our first prized Orri-daughter Katla frá Holtsmúla 1, and this year's Gædingur in Sweden/1.prize winner at SM 2014, Ísar frá Keldudal (tot. 8.85 for ridden abilities!). Keilir is a bit more shy like his mother and also has her stunning eyes and long, well-set neck and Orri-legs :D Kraflar is somewhat lighter built, lovely neck and proportions, and he is very much his father's son, showing pace from the beginning! Ingeborg Steinsdottir has started their training, especilly Keilir who is the oldest, and Vignir Jónasson is now taking over (having much knowledge of Ísar and his offsprings, we can't wait to hear what he thinks of the two brothers!) :D :D


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