Gloría and Gulliver <3<3

On July the 11th our beautiful 1.prized breeding mare (and Krákur-daughter), Gloría frá Sundabergi, gave birth to a chestnut little charmer with a lovely white star. He has been named Gulliver från SundsbergKval. Gulliver looks much like his handsome father, Mozart från Sundsberg, who has a tot. score of 8.72 (received the highest breeding judgment at SM 2014) with 9.5 (!) for neck, withers and shoulders, 9 for back and croup and proportions and 9 for general impression and spirit! Mother Gloría is also a true gædingur - with high and roomy leg action in her tölt, and she has a good pace as well (unlike many Krákur offspring)! We look forward to seeing little Gulliver's development! 


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