Wow! What a Swedish Championship for Vignir and his team :D

Ísar frá Keldudal and rider Vignir Jónasson were victorious today! They are the Swedish Champion in five-gait (F1) at SM 2014... And they won the five-gait combination!!

Many, many congratulations to Birgitta and Rune Ibert, one-of-a-kind trainer and rider Vignir and the great Ísar himself!

Ísar's two sons Mozart från Sundsberg and Viking från Österåker also made their father proud at this years Swedish Championship (SM), receiving respectively a total of 8.72 (with 8.69 for ridden abilities - Mozart) and 8.26 as a four-gait (with 8.42 for rideability - Viking). What a unique breeder Ísar is! Many congratulations to Mozart and Viking with their owners (Annette Blockert Pettersson og Maria Sandin Jansson)!

Vignir and his excellent team at Backome have made an extraordinary performance at SM, resulting in gold in T2, F1, V1 and the five-gait combination and four golds in the breeding competition. Vignir won tölt on long reins (T2) with his own handsome stallion Ivan från Hammarby, and also won the gold medal in four-gait with the impressive Ófeigur-stallion Bragi frá Kopavógi. A big WOW, and many congratulations to all the wonderful trainers and riders at Team Backome :D :D 


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