Viðja receives her 1.prize!

Deservedly the younger full-sister of Vísa (our 1.prized top breeding mare) and Vigdis (tot. 8.37 four years old), Viðja från Sundsberg, became a 1.prized mare at the breeding show at Backome this weekend (tot. 8.04 five years old). She is the daughter of the unique breeding mare Vaka från Österåker and her father is the great stallion and five-gait Ísar frá Keldudal (and together they are an amazing breeding combination)! Young Viðja has so much power and talent, and has great potential as a five-gaited competition horse! Congratulations to breeders Birgitta and Rune, and Vignir and his training team at Backome. This probably won't be the last time Viðja is in the competition ring!

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