Visit to Backome Islandshästar (Horse farm) in Sweden

We (Per and Camilla) took a spring-trip to Backome Islandshästar in Sweden to visit Vignir Jónasson and Malin Bonnevier and our horses that live there. We currently have two mares in training: self-bred Alfa frá Hamarsey (four years) after Álaborg and Hródur, and Birgitta and Rune's Vidja från Sundsberg (five years, after Ísar and Vaka). We also breed Vísa från Sundsberg together with Vignir and Malin, and share her two wonderful offsprings Viljar and Vilja. 

At arrival we received a tour of the amazing facilities at Backome: large riding arenas both inside and outside, light and modern stables and a swimming machine for the horses just to mention a few details. No wonder that Vignir and Malin are happy here. We got to see Alfa and Vidja under rider (Vignir showed them on the track), and especially Vidja is looking so powerful with large, roomy movements! There were many extraordinary horses we got to see: Malin is training her new competition horse, Askur, and they looked great. Ivan från Hammarby with Vignir in the saddle were also very impressive. Vignir and Kraftur frá Bringu put on an elegant yet powerful show, and Bragi frá Kópavogi left us speechless with his unique front leg-action (just to mention a few). The young stallions Atlas frá Hvoli, Muninn (after Dökkvi) and Viking (after Ísar and Von frá Vindheimun) showed great potential, and of course Birgitta and Rune's very own Ísar frá Keldudal was the star - pacing so fast that we almost didn't have time to get any pictures ;)  

Our two youngsters, Viljar fra Kval (after Vísa and Viktor fra Diisa) and Vilja fra Kval (after Vísa and Mökkvi från Åleby) are developing nicely, and little Vilja is such a charming little mare with the most beautiful face and feminine eyes. The higlight for me (Camilla) was probably riding Alfa, our four-year old, for the first time! She has a very soft tölt, and the trot and walk are becoming more and more roomy. She will be moving home to Asker, Norway, this August after some more training! Many, many thanks to Malin and Vignir for making this a trip we will remember :D 



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