Wow!! Our young stallion, Keilir från Kval, has started his training and looks great!

We just received a picture from Stein Sorknes (Lian Horsefarm, Norway) of our young and promising stallion Keilir från Kval (born in 2010). He is after our wonderful breeding mare/riding horse, Katla frá Holtsmúla 1 ( Orri-daughter), and the amazing stallion Ísar frá Keldudal (8.85 for ridden abilities!). Stein's daughter Ingeborg (Holar educated) has started his training, and Keilir shows all the five gaits, has lots of positive willingness and a soft and natural tölt already!

Keilir resembles much his handsome father Ísar, but looks to have inherited Katla's wonderful expression/face and neck (Katla received 8,28 for her conformation!). The Ísar son also has very nice proportions at his young age (cylindrical shape), with long legs. Both parents have tons of positive willingness and spirit, a great tölt, trot and gallop, and Ísar also adds his outstanding pace into the mix. So it will be very exciting to follow Keilir's development and to see what talent he beholds :D

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