Alfa is doing great in training!

Our charismatic and promising Hróður-daughter, Alfa frá Hamarsey (born in 2010 from own breeding), has started her first training this winter. She already shows talent under rider, and has a very friendly and lovely character as well. We hope that she will continue this positive streak, and if all goes well she will receive her breeding judgment as a four-year old. Alfa is presently in training by Johanna Elgholm and Emma at Edeby Gård, in Sweden. The plan is that Vignir Jónasson will take over the final training, and show her when the time comes. We have high hopes for our young mare Alfa, and look forward to following her development! Many thanks to Johanna and Emma for training Alfa, and to Birgitta and Rune, who took these nice photos of Alfa and Viðar :D


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