Pictures and update from Sandra and Anna frá Hamarsey in Austria!

We were so glad to receive an extensive update from Sandra on how Anna is developing and doing! Anna is the four and a half year old daughter of our unique breeding mare Álaborg frá Feti, and Anna is from our breeding on Iceland. Below we will try to recap some of what Sandra has told us.

After having Anna trained for some months on Iceland (and being quite a feisty young mare, she needed her time), Anna arrived in Austria in March 2013. At that time Anna had some problems with her fur and baby-teeth, but was very well tended to by Sandra and a veterinarian. Sandra gradually continued Anna's training, giving her the time she neeeded to become safe in a new environment. Anna is eager to learn, and does whatever she can to earn praise and a "goodie". So far Anna prefers trot when being ridden, but also has a an excellent galopp and shows promising tölt! She has become very coragous and cool, and has no problems with being trained/ridden alone. Sandra says that Anna is easy to work with and learns new things easily. Here is an example from Sandra:

'We went outside. In the woods, there are some places, where there is space enough to ride circles. I did so. 3 weeks(!!!) later we went again on this road, with long raines. Suddenly she turned to the left and did a perfect circle on long raines on her own. Then she stopped and looked back to me, like: "did you see, what I did? We did this here the last time. I am so super. Where is my goodie?" '

Anna's confirmation is changing constantly, but has definitely improved a lot the last year. She has a beautiful long neck, a lovely head and eyes, but with somewhat long ears at present ;0) Shoulders and withers are looking good, the back is still stretching out, and the hooves, mane, and tail are excellent! Anna is continuing to grow, and her proportions are coming along. She has been healthy and happy since she arrived in Austria, and we believe she has been very fortunate with her owner and trainer, Sandra!

We wish Sandra and Anna the best of luck with further development and training, and we look forward to future reports on how they are doing :D

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