Journey to Sundsberg breeding farm (Sweden)

On the 12th of September we; Per and Camilla, with Ísadóra and Alfa in the trailer, set out from Torstad farm in Asker, where Alfa has stayed the past three weeks and Ísadóra the past year. Our destination was Sundsberg breeding farm in Sweden ("Kullen"), where our breeding partners Birgitta and Rune Ibert live. Per made a few mistakes in the trip-planning this time ;0). First he believed (and told Camilla) that the trip would take about five hours, when it turned out to be a seven hour drive. He had also retrieved the wrong (former) adress from the internet. So when we thought we had finally reached our destination, and called Birgitta, we found out that we were far away from where we should be! :S Having both little battery left on our cell-phones, and being far out on the Swedish country roads we became somewhat worried. Luckily Camilla's phone had enough battery so that we could use the GPS to get out on the main road, and Birgitta and Rune were kind enough to meet us when we were getting closer. So it was two very relieved horse owners and two content horses that finally reached Tystberga after an eight hour drive!

After a late supper and a good night's sleep, Camilla awoke friday morning with Ísadóra and Alfa grazing right outside her window! What an idyllic place - no wonder both people and horses are happy here :D Ísadóra and Alfa were let into the herd of mares and foals that day. They will use some time to find their place in the group, but with such big fields and the very good care of Rune and Birgitta we know they will be happy. Alfa will leave for training with Vignir in a couple of weeks, whilst Ísadóra is lucky enough to live at Sundsberg and have her foal here next spring :D Camilla will of course miss her (there were some tears), but she will be in the best hands at Sundsberg (since she cannot be a riding horse, it's all for the best). 

It was great fun meeting this year's little stallion foal, Bjarki från SundsbergKval! He looked so handsome, and was very social and cuddly, but a tough little guy! He showed great movements already, as did our breeding mare prospect Hervör frá Hamarsey! Mother Brana looked beautiful and was very friendly (being Birgitta's favourite, she is probably used to all the attention;)! Vísa's full-brother Vignir, who is Vaka´s foal this year, was also very eyecatching. Another stallion that stood out was Vidalin från Sundsberg - a shy but handsome stallion after Vaka and Garri frá Reykjavik, only to mention a few. See picture gallery bellow for more pictures of all the horses.

We wish to send many thanks to Birgitta and Rune Ibert for their wonderful hospitality! We had a great time seeing all the horses at Sundsberg, getting our girls (Ísadóra and Alfa) settled in and having many productive and interesting horse and breeding talks! Hope to see you all again soon, but then we will probably come by plane ;0)

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